Sandy Hill Community Church



   Introduce people to Jesus Christ; train the church to become more like Him, and reproduce His life in others.


Leading people to experience a transformed life in Jesus.

      Lives will be transformed in Jesus as we carry out our mission through:

         Contact                          Connect the church and community to Jesus Christ
             Community                    Worship and serve together as a diverse family of faith
             Compassion                 Communicate hope and healing through God’s love & forgiveness
             Changed Lives              Lead people to a transformed life in Jesus
             Christ-likeness              Train people to live the character of Jesus in life, ministry and worship

  Therefore we believe that in years to come, as the Holy Spirit Leads:

·            SHCC families will build relationships with the families of Sandy Hill Preschool

·            SHCC becomes a haven for healing for broken spirits, relationships and emotions

·            SHCC becomes a resource station for meeting material needs of our community

·            Everyone within a 1-mile radius of SHCC hears the Gospel

·            SHCC establishes a 4-year discipleship model from conversion to active disciple

·            SHCC baptizes many people every year

·            SHCC Youth Ministry actively impacts our local public schools

·            SHCC sends out families, couples, or individuals into full-time Christian service

·      SHCC plants a church here or abroad