Discovering Membership Class

Discovering Membership Class is a class that is offered for those who have been attending Sandy Hill for a while and have a desire to explore the possibility of becoming members.  In this class we will examine our beliefs, our core values, and our understanding of what it means to be in community.

In this class we will examine four different and unique building blocks that undergird and give shape to who we are as the Body of Christ at Sandy Hill.  They are:

1.  Our Strategy - How we fulfill our purpose.  Our goal at Sandy Hill is to reach people who have no church background with
     the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is reflected in our messages, our casual dress code, and our relaxed worship style.



2.  Our Statements
- Why we exist as a church.  Sandy Hill operates underneath the umbrella of four major statements.  In
     this session we examine our Statement of Vision, our Mission Statement, our Statement of Faith and our
     Statement of Practice.


3.  Our Salvation - What God has done for us.  In this session we examine what God has done for us to bring us to Him.  We
     study what it means to be a Christian, and to be a meaningful, contributing member of God's family.

4.  Our Structure - When and where we fulfill our purpose.  In this session we talk about how Sandy Hill is organized and
     structured for the purpose of Leading people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

This class is interactive in nature.  It is a
     lecture format with many pauses for discussion and questions. It usually takes about four hours to complete.  We hold
     the class either for four hours on a Saturday morning or in two-two hour sessions on week-nights.