Discovering My Ministry

Discovering My Ministry is a class that is offered those who have already completed Discovering My Membership and Discovering My Spirituality classes.  This class is offered to those who desire to become actively engaged in the ministries of Sandy Hill.  Some of the things you will do in this class are:

1.  Take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory to discover what Spiritual Gifts God has blessed you with.

2.  Discover your (S H A P E) for ministry.

3.  Be matched to a ministry that fits your (S H A P E).

In this class we work at developing an understanding of who God made us to be and what God made us to do.  We discover our unique design (S H A P E) for ministry and we commit to developing and using our God-given gifts and abilities to serve God and others through our church family.  This is a four-hour class and is usually conducted on Saturday morning or in 2-hour sessions during weekday evenings.