Sandy Hill Community Church Library

The Sandy Hill Library is a fun place to hang out.  The library has both old and new books, from Early Childhood to senior adult materials.  There is absolutely something for everyone.  There are reference books, sets of Bible commentaries, and other Biblical reference material.  There is Christian Fiction books, Biographies, books on parenting, Christian living, women, health, finances, men, and marriage.  In addition to books, there are videos, DVD's and CD's.   

The Library is open during services every Sunday.  It is also open to just come, sit and read during the week from 9:a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday every week.  There is a check-out system much like public libraries.  You can check out your favorite book or DVD and return it as soon as you have finished it. So why not give our library a try.  We're sure that there is something in our library for every member of your family.


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