Sandy Hill Worship Teams

Music is a vital part of our Worship life at Sandy Hill.  We see music as both an art form and a Ministry that gives expression to our love and praise for God in Christ.  We're excited about what God is doing through the Music Ministry and especially through our Worship Teams that lead Worship Music during our services.  Sandy Hill Worship Teams are teams that lead the congregation in song, prayer, and scriptural reflection during Worship Services.  The teams are made up of a Worship Leader and some various combinations of musicians and singers.  Guitars, Electric Bass, Drums, Violin, Piano and Keyboard are all instruments that are presently used during Sunday Services.  We believe that this is just the beginning...what about Brass...what about  Woodwinds... what about other Strings and Percussion... you bet!  Sandy Hill is open to any musical gift that is offered skillfully and humbly to the glory of God.

Our Worship Teams are made up of a variety of ages, experience, and of course both men and women.  We at times we have Youth Group members and Grandparents playing on the same team.  Our team members come from a variety of musical and performing experiences...from the seasoned journeyman musician to those fresh out of the gate.  Sandy Hill is always open to new talent on the team. 


Each Worship Team typically plays twice a month   and each team member is required to attend a midweek rehearsal as well as a Sunday morning sound check.  We love Worship Music at Sandy Hill and our desire is that God receives the glory and the congregation can joyfully participate.  The Worship Team schedule is created and maintained by the Minister of Worship, Pastor Dave Klingensmith, and new team members are also incorporated by Pastor Dave. 

Maybe you are a gifted musician and are looking for an opportunity to share that talent.  One of our chief desires is to see gifts like yours used to create an environment of Worship in/files/David_Files/Images/Nick.jpg the church.  Come and bring your heart of Worship as well as your talents to praise the Lord.