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Classroom Routine

Choosing Time: the child chooses activities from the Art Area, Social Area, Block Area, Dramatic Play area, Quiet Area.

Snack Time: children enjoy a snack with their friends at preschool. Snacks are provided by the preschool.

Large Muscle Time: children participate in group activities that use the larger muscles in the arms and legs.

Circle Time: Teacher and children share stories, songs and finger plays.


Sandy Hill Preschool has many activities that take place during the year. 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Orientation with the teachers before the school year begins
  • Children carry buckets for their papers/crafts instead of backpacks
  • Field Trips to Apple Orchards, Firehouse, Springton Manor Farm, Horse Farms, Library, Kitchen Kettle
  • Birthday Party for Jesus (parents are encouraged to attend with their child)
  • Celebration of the Child's Birthday (or Pretend Birthday if it falls in the summer) and special gift for the child from the teacher
  • Family Fun Nights for the children to show off the songs/fingerplays that they have learned in their classes
  • Pajama Day for the 4-year olds
  • Bring your pet to school for the 5-year olds
  • Restaurant Days for the 5-year olds
  • Lots of playtime outside on the playground

Some activities that have become yearly customs are:  Orientation in September, Family Night, Kid's Fun Run and the End of the Year Parties. These all contribute to the warm and friendly atmosphere of Sandy Hill Preschool.


Program Highlights
  •    Developmentally Appropriate Program
  •    Parent Involvement
  •    Field Trips
  •    Family Get Togethers
  •    Individual and Class Pictures
  •    Handicap Accessible