First Weeks of Class 

During the first weeks of school, don't be disturbed if your child

  • is shy and clings to you
  • is agressive and won't share
  • hits and refuses to take turns
  • tires easily and cries a great deal
  • resists using the school bathroom, has accidents
  • doesn't talk much about what happened at school

These are symptoms of tension and stress in a new situation, and will disappear as your child becomes used to the teachers, other children and the classroom routines. Be sympathetic and supportive.

You can help by:

  • letting the child bring a favorite security-object (doll, blanket, stuffed animal, etc.)
  • not putting pressure to make something to take home
  • not pushing the child to conform to routines without time to adjust
  • allowing LOTS of time for personal routine, a nourishing breakfast or lunch, a pleasant and safe ride to school
  • having a cheerful, positive attitude as the child leaves you, such "Goodbye, I'll see you later!"
  • encouraging talk about school by asking specific questions, such as "Did you play with the  ____ today?" or "What was for snack today?"

REMEMBER:  The more relaxed the parent, the more relaxed the child.