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After weeks of research and consultation with various agencies, health care professionals inside and outside Sandy Hill, leaders in local Churches, and updated State/Local COVID-19 guidelines, the Elders have prepared a plan for congregational re-gathering.  The following outlines Sandy Hill’s plan for on-site, corporate re-gathering for Worship Services and other functions.

We offer special thanks to Rachel Johnston and Ethel Carter for their valuable help and research in this process.  We thank you, in advance, for carefully reading through this plan.


Dates of First Three Re-Gathering Worship Services: June 21, June 28, July 5


Length of Services: 50-60 minutes (10:15-11:05 or 11:15am)


Location of Services:

  • Primary Location – Meet Outside on Church Property

  • Contingency Location – Meet Inside the Church Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall

(In the case of inclement weather or other prohibitive conditions)

  • – Up to 50 people (Including: Speaker, Worship Team, A/V Techs, & Ushers)  

  • Fellowship Hall – Up to 50 people (Including: 2-3 Ushers)

Note: Splitting inside locations is for staying within recommended social distancing limits. 

Note: Those in Fellowship Hall will see/hear the Service by Video/Audio signal from the Sanctuary.


Continued Video/Audio Recording of Services

Understanding the likelihood that not everyone will be immediately ready/able to attend, Worship Services, will continue to be Video/Audio recorded and made accessible on Sandy Hill’s Facebook & YouTube pages, and through Sandy Hill’s website.


Health Safety Protocols & Provisions

During that period of June 21 - July 5 and for some number of weeks following, (Yet undetermined) we will make the following preparations for safe re-gathering:


Facilities Cleaning, Hygiene, & General Safety:

  • Weekly cleaning of facilities

  • Spraying to sanitize/disinfect touched surfaces before & after each service or gathering

  • Multiple hand-sanitizer stations, upstairs and downstairs, in the church facility

  • Reminders about proper health & hygiene practices will be posted

  • Water fountains will be used

  • Increased air ventilation & circulation throughout used/accessed parts of the building

  • Bulletins will be handed out but will be available for people to pick up

  • Greeters & Ushers will express verbal hospitality, but without handshakes

  • During June & July, Hymnals or pew Bibles will be used. Song Lyrics and Biblical texts will be projected, digitally shared, and/or printed for individual use


Protocols for Wearing Protective Masks:

  • For Outside Gatherings – Voluntary (Each person may choose whether they will wear a mask)

  • For Inside Gatherings (Until Chester County is upgraded to “Green” status)

    • Wearing a Mask will be Mandatory for everyone over 2 years old

    • Everyone will be encouraged to bring their own Mask

    • Masks will be made available to anyone who needs one

Note: In the weeks ahead, the ongoing need for wearing of masks inside will be assessed.


Outside Seating Plan and General Information

  • Everyone is encouraged to bring their own chairs for outdoor services

  • Everyone will be asked to sit with the members of their household

  • Canopies will be set up for those who want/need to stay out of direct sunlight


Inside Seating Plan

Sanctuary Seating

  • One row will be skipped between each row of Seating

  • Between each person, two chairs will be skipped

  • Members of the same household will be required to distance from each other

  • Limit of 3-4 seated in long pews

  • Limit of 2 seated in short pews


Fellowship Hall Seating

  • Members of same households are asked to sit together at round tables

  • Members of different households are asked to sit no more than three per round table


Tithes/Offerings Collection Procedures

  • Collection containers will be displayed for depositing tithes/offerings

  • For outside & inside, tithes/offerings will be collected in the containers inside


Personal Greetings between People Outside Their Own Household

For at least the first three weeks: (And beyond if necessary)

  • Please refrain from greeting with hugs, kisses, or handshakes (Try “elbow bumps” instead)

  • Please have all lengthy conversations outside


Concerning Congregational Singing

Unfortunately, it has been established that singing is one of the highest risk activities related to COVID-19 infection.  Therefore, congregational singing will be limited to outside services.


Children & Youth Activities

  • No Children’s Classes until sometime after Chester County is upgraded to “Green” Status (Timing for resumed GROW classes will be evaluated during June & July)

  • No activities during June 21 – July 5 (Youth activities may resume after July 5. activities will resume until upgraded to “Green” Status)


Please Stay Home from Inside or Outside Gatherings If:

  • If you feel ill or are exhibiting any symptoms

  • If you know you have been exposed to someone infected by COVID-19

  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19


Preliminary Summer Plans, beyond July 5, 2020

  • If Chester County remains in Status, Sandy Hill will continue with the June 21 - July 5 plan

  • Upon Status, inside Services, with normal procedures, will resume (with cleaning protocols

  • Resources & Guidelines from the CDC and other Agencies will be displayed & made available


On behalf of the Elders, I thank you in advance for your patience with this plan.  We acknowledge it is neither a perfect plan nor one without need for ongoing assessment.  Please feel free to return according to the timing best suited to the needs of your household.  May the Lord bless you in Christ!


(Pastor Dave Klingensmith)

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