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Meet Our Staff

Amos Stoltzfus

(Interim Pastor)


Amos Stoltzfus is the interim pastor at SHCC as of September 2022. He is married to Rowena, and they have 6 children and 9 grandchildren.

He had served as pastor at Rockville Mennonite Church, near Honey Brook, PA for over 27 years.


Amos and Rowena joined EMM (Eastern Mennonite Missions) in 2003 and served with them for 14 years in various settings including 5 years in India working with and teaching at local ministries and churches.


Amos has served with other churches as an interim and is also working with churches as a coach and spiritual adviser. 


Rachel Johnston

(Office Secretary)



Rachel is the pleasant voice you hear when you call into the church office.  Rachel is married and has three children.


She graduated from Penn State University with an Associate Degree in Business.


Rachel started attending Sandy Hill in 2005. She started the Office Secretary position in 2007.


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