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Identity Statement


Who we are and who we believe God is calling us to be 


The people of Sandy Hill Community Church are, first and foremost, followers of Jesus Christ, His life and work.  As such we are:

 1.   A church of community people reaching out with the gospel and love of Christ to the community we are called to serve.

 2.   A church that is resolved to preaching and teaching the whole Bible with all diligence and sincerity.

 3.   A church that is committed to a lifestyle of prayer.

 4.   A church committed to fulfilling and obeying the Great Commission.

 5.   A church committed to relationship building and hospitality.

 6.   A church of people who come from diverse denominational, theological and cultural backgrounds.

 7.   A church that is committed to developing Christ-centered families.

 8.   A church with a deep service ethic, reflecting the servant character of Jesus Christ.

 9.   A church that will maintain an affiliation with a network of churches of like core values for mutual accountability, resourcing and 


10.  A church that is committed to living peaceably and proclaiming that peace in our ministry.

11.  A church that respects the conviction of those who render service to our community as members of the military and law enforcement.

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